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Civil rights and police misconduct attorney Robert Phillips has a reputation for handling some of the toughest and most difficult cases to prove. Many of his largest case results have been cases that other lawyers previously turned down. Robert's tenacity and ability to dig deep into the hidden facts of a case and find the "missing piece of the puzzle" has allowed him to be successful in many cases that others said could not be won.

Quite often in police misconduct cases, there is no one still alive who can tell the client's version of the facts. Without eye-witness testimony, a case can only be successful using the forensic evidence found by the investigators, whom despite popular belief, do not always look for the evidence showing the police acted improperly. Attorney Robert Phillips, however, will look for that evidence, and his extensive experience in civil rights and police misconduct cases has taught him where to look to find the evidence needed for a successful case.

Attorney Robert Phillips has recovered significant settlements and verdicts on behalf of his clients and his clients' families. This list is not a description or characterization of the quality of the Attorney Robert Phillips' representation and is in no way a guarantee of a specific result for your case. Every case is different, and Robert Phillips and the court will evaluate each case on its own merit. Attorney Robert Phillips works on a contingency fee basis. That means he is only paid if he wins your case.

$6,000,000 - (Negligent security/training) This trial verdict was obtained for the family of a young man who was attacked and beaten by the bouncers of a night club. The evidence showed the client was hit on his head multiple times with the handle of a large security type flash-light often carried by bouncers. The client suffered a brain hemorrhage which resulted in severe and permanent debilitating injuries.

$2,500,000 - (Negligent refueling) This settlement was obtained for the family of young man who was killed when the underground fuel tank exploded as he was filling his tanker truck with diesel to deliver diesel to a logging operation. As it turned out, the local fuel company was not completely emptying and cleaning out their delivery trucks each time they switched between gasoline and diesel fuel. As a result, over time the delivery of diesel fuel became contaminated with more and more gasoline, which is much more flammable than diesel, and is commonly referred to "hot diesel" due to its volatile nature. The "hot diesel" fuel in the underground tank exploded when a spark from the hand pump ignited the gasoline fumes. The client died after suffering for nearly 40 minutes from catastrophic burns over most of his body. Only limited insurance coverage prevented a more significant recovery.

$2,000,000 - (Civil Rights - Police Misconduct) This settlement was obtained on the eve of trial, and after a jury had already been selected, for the family of woman who was shot and killed by the police during the nighttime service of a bench warrant for several minor misdemeanor charges ($219 Bounced Check, $25 Open Container, etc.) The official reports were that the decedent had fired a high-powered rifle at the officers when they came out to her home. However, after more than five years of investigation and litigation, Attorney Robert Phillips was able to show that his deceased client was not only unarmed, but actually getting out of bed when she was struck and killed by a stray bullet after the officers started firing blindly into the walls of her mobile home. This case recently gained national attention and was featured in an investigative series on police misconduct by the Washington Post and prominent civil rights journalist Radley Balko. For more about this case:

$ Confidential Amount - (Negligent banking security) This confidential settlement was obtained at the very end of a lengthy trial. The client had recently obtained a new "bank card" and when she turned in her application to the teller, this bank employee inputted the wrong last name. As a result each time the client would use her bank card, it would debit funds from another customer's account. When this other customer called the police, the bank refused to inform the police of the bank's error and as a result, the client was arrested and jailed for more than 70 days.

$1,450,000 - (Motor Vehicle Negligence) This settlement was obtained for a young man who was injured while riding his motorcycle when a pick-up truck pulled out in front of him. This case only settled after suit was filed and Attorney Robert Phillips' retained experts created an interactive computerized demonstrative exhibit that allowed the client's doctors to visually explain each of the client's injuries in graphic detail.