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A Death By Police Officer May Warrant Legal Action

The national conversation on excessive use of force by police officers became a local discussion for South Carolina residents in April 2015 after the shooting death of Walter Lamer Scott in Charleston. A cellphone video of the incident captured by a bystander shows the unarmed Mr. Scott, who was stopped for a traffic violation, was shot several times while running away from the police officer.

While that incident instantly garnered national and international attention, the truth is when police officers use deadly force, it is often not warranted. National statistics on deaths involving police officers are incomplete at best and statistics on the unwarranted use of deadly force by police is even more unreliable.

Recovering monetary damages will not ease the pain of your loss, but it will provide the financial support that can pay for college or otherwise help you and your family move forward during this difficult time.

However, one need only look at headlines from police incidents around the country in the past few years to realize that law enforcement officials routinely use more force than is legally authorized during arrests. Too often, the results are fatal.

We Fight For Victims Of Wrongful Death By Police

Police misconduct cases are complex, sensitive and high profile, especially when an individual is killed by one or more police officers. Only a handful of lawyers in South Carolina have the necessary skills to effectively investigate and prosecute wrongful death lawsuits involving a police officer. Robert V. Phillips is one of those attorneys and he has the results to prove it .

Robert, a partner at the law firm of McGowan, Hood & Felder, LLC, has tried numerous cases to successful verdicts and recovered multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts for his clients. Many of our police misconduct cases are referred to us by attorneys who understand they are not well-suited to prosecute them.

Overcoming The Complexities Of Qualified Immunity

These cases are not as open-and-shut as they sometimes seem, even when there is video evidence or eyewitnesses who will testify on the victim's behalf. It is critical to enlist the services of an attorney like Robert, who understands the complexities of these cases and has proven capable of successfully representing victims and their families. Call us or email us to schedule a free consultation. We will review the facts of your case and recommend the best steps to take.