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Pursuing Justice For Those Who Are Injured Or Killed In Custody

Law enforcement officials are legally obligated to protect the safety of individuals who are arrested and held in custody, whether that is in a police car, a city or county jail, or a state prison. If you or a family member is injured while being held by law enforcement authorities, or if a family member is killed or commits suicide while being held, the parties involved may be held liable for their actions or inaction.

Robert V. Phillips Attorney at Law represents clients who have been seriously injured while incarcerated in jail, prison or other facility such as a juvenile detention center or mental facility. The facts in these cases are often difficult to uncover. Robert, an attorney with McGowan, Hood & Felder, LLC, has the resources necessary to assertively investigate what occurred in order to develop the strongest possible case.

Inhumane Treatment Cannot Be Tolerated

Jails and prisons around the U.S. make the headlines every day for the wrong reasons. Individuals are attacked by others who are being held or injured by guards. In other instances, individuals who are mentally unstable or clearly a threat to themselves are left unsupervised and end up intentionally injuring or killing themselves. An all too common injury or death can occur when individuals are placed in a restraint chair and policy and procedure regarding their use is not followed. While a restraint chair, sometimes referred to as the "devil's chair," can be an effective tool for jail officials, when used improperly they can have deadly results. Robert Phillips has successfully litigated restraint chair claims.

Robert Phillips has a track record of success in pursuing compensation in cases involving police misconduct or violations by prison or jail staff. Due to the sensitive nature of these cases, we work closely with the victims or family members to reach a solution as efficiently as possible. We have a thorough understanding of the constitutional rights of individuals who are being held by authorities, as well as the legal obligations of police, jail or prison staff and others.

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